Welcome to Customized Engagement Rings Singapore, PTE LTD

We have set the benchmark in providing an exotic collection of customized engagement rings. Customers not just from Singapore but overseas as well purchase our products in bulk. This fact stands as a testimony of the finest quality of our wedding ring products.

photo of a custom made marriage ring

We have received lots of appreciation

We have received compliments from our clients about the excellent quality of our range. Our stylishly designed rings are studded with a pure quality material such as gold, pearl, diamonds, rubies, silver etc. The glittering glow of the ring would fill your special wedding moment with the radiance of joy, peace, and love.

We add value to your purchase

We know what it means to purchase a wedding ring for your engagement or proposal. It could become quite a lengthy and tedious process. After all, it means once in a lifetime purchase. We exactly know what you are looking for. So you could significantly save your time by choosing us. We in return promise to customize your ring to make it unique and special for your life companion during the proposal moments.

Our collection of the wedding ring is durable

We know that a good ring should remain on your life companion’s fingers for a long time and not just till engagement. After all, it acts as a reminder of the special occasion. We ensure that our rings meet the durability criteria. Our rings do not lose their original glow and polishing for several years.

Our wedding rings are crafted accurately

We customize the wedding ring in an accurate manner to make sure that it fits your fingers perfectly. Uneven sizes could lead to embarrassing moments. After all who would want to spoil the most auspicious moment of one’s life? So choose our company and leave all your worries behind.

We customize the ring with the material of your choice as per your desire

We fully understand and respect the preferences of our customers. So we do customization using your suggested material. Whether you are fascinated by blue color diamond, yellow gold, platinum or any other material we would create that custom version for you.

If you have something imaginative we would sketch that for you. Based on that, we would create the final ring product. The gorgeous ring would add a touch of grace to any outfit.

Excellent processing and packaging

We use proven crafting, customizing and most importantly top processing technique to deliver the engagement ring of your choice. All of these factors play a significant role in defect-free version. We package your ring with a nice looking eco-friendly material and including awe-inspiring quotes perfect to suit the occasion.

Affordable Price

We have kept the prices of our products extremely affordable. In addition, we give promotional discounts on our products which further cut the cost.

We are eager to listen to you

Our customer support staff is ready to assist you at any time. We are ready to talk about any aspect of the product. If you are confused regarding different choices we are there to help you. Just get in touch with our customer support. He would explain the details of attributes of different custom rings. In this way, your queries would be resolved and you would be able to choose the best.

We welcome any tips that could play role in improving the quality of our products and services. It’s a win-win situation for both you and us. You would get the most meaningful and enchanting pair of wedding rings of your choice. In return, we get the opportunity to add you to our growing list of wedding ring community.