Ideas For Perfect Wedding Ring Inscriptions

Once you have found the perfect wedding rings, it is time to start thinking about what you would like to have engraved inside your wedding jewelry. There are traditional inscriptions, humorous ones, and romantic ones.

The right message will depend on the personalities of the bride and groom, as well as how many letters can actually fit inside the band. These are some ideas for wedding ring inscriptions.

Classic Inscription

If you are a traditionalist, opt for a classic inscription inside your wedding rings. The most traditional thing to engrave in wedding bands is the initials of the couple and the wedding date.

Each ring should bear the spouse’s initials first. In other words, if Susan Howard married Richard Jones on June 29, 2011, the engraving inside Susan’s ring would be RJ 6-29-11 SH.

Inside Richard’s band, the initials would be reversed: SH 6-29-11 RJ. If space permits, you could also choose to spell out the date instead of using the letters.

The great thing about this classic inscription is that the groom will never have an excuse for forgetting a wedding anniversary!

Special Sentiment Inscription

Many couples like to surprise their spouse with a special sentiment inside the wedding band. Something romantic is always a nice choice. Phrases like “Forever yours” or “Today, tomorrow, forever” are always appropriate.

Another idea is to engrave a phrase along with the wedding date, as in “From this moment on…6/29/11”.

Keep in mind that if the bride’s band is very petite or has gemstones in it (which may have small cleaning holes behind them) that a long phrase will probably not fit in the space available.

On a man’s wedding rings, however, you can usually fit quite a bit more.

Humorous messages Inscription

Humorous messages are also very popular for wedding ring inscriptions. An oldie but goodie is “Put this ring back on!” (usually found inside the groom’s ring).

What about a message like “Marriage is a great institution…” – the punch line to that old joke is, “but who wants to live in an institution?”

Some couples also like to surprise one another with humorous messages with a risqué tone, such as “Afternoon Delight” or…well, you can decide on your own private message!

Just remember that the engraver will be reading whatever you want to be written inside your wedding jewelry!

Inside joke Inscription

Some of the best wedding ring inscriptions are those which are inside jokes or pet names between the bride and groom. After all, the message only needs to make sense to two people: the husband and the wife.

These can be among the most endearing and meaningful inscriptions, if sometimes pretty silly. For instance, one bride I knew had her husband-to-be name engraved in his band, along with the words “My rhino”. One can only imagine what he put in her ring!


Keep in mind that a wedding band inscription is something you will have forever, so don’t choose a message that is likely to be meaningless to you in a year or two.

Avoid cliches like lyrics from popular songs at the time of your wedding or goofy pop culture references that will be embarrassing every time you take your ring off to have it cleaned at the jewelry store.

Choose a message that captures the essence of your relationship and you will always be pleased with your wedding band inscriptions. If you are interested in having your own custom wedding rings, click here to get started.

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